Chimney Repair and Removal

Chimney Repair and Removal
Chimney Repair and Removal

Chimneys are built in all shapes and sizes and often can add real character to the roofline of a property. Unfortunately, they can also prove to be a major liability as the cause of leakages and water ingress.

As these structures are situated on the roofline, not only are they subjected to the full brunt of the weather, but difficult access often means neglect in terms of general maintenance.

At Vanguard Roofing our tradesmen have much experience in dealing with problematic chimneys both in terms of repairing defective detailing or if necessary, removing the structure to below roof level.

We get many calls from customers who are experiencing chimney related problems. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a chimney stack being problematic, some of which are as follows:

Possible chimney defects

  • Crumbling and perishing mortar joints between the brick work can inhibit water shedding and contribute to the stack loosing it's overall structural integrity. The structure may need re-pointing in this instance.
  • Water may be penetrating directly through the top of the stack in which case the structure may need the flaunching re-newed. This is the mortar bed that holds the pots securely in place and is also designed to aid water shedding.
  • The lead-work, whether it's the tray, flashings or soakers, may have reached the end of its useful life-cycle with splits appearing; As the lead is used to create a water-tight 'seal' where the chimney penetrates the roof-line, regular and effective maintenance of this particular detail is essential. A good quality lead (code 4 or 5) would need to be expertly installed to ensure water shedding achieved to it's full potential.

Chimney Removal

  • Given that chimneys can be anything up to and over a hundred years old, in some cases the actual structure itself maybe failing. We often see chimneys with brick-work that is spalling or 'belling out' and loosing it's shape altogether. In this instance, the best option maybe to take down the structure to below roof level, as not only does it prove a nuisance by letting in water, but also falling debris can be particularly hazardous.
  • We have 'dropped' many chimney stacks over the years and as such we are very well versed at doing so. Height access equipement would need to erected as a means to take down the brickwork to below roof level and then continue the waterproof coverings so that the roof is completly water-tight. In the majority of stiuations, the work can be completed within one day causing minimal disruption and inconvenience for the homeowner.

If you suspect that you have a problem with your chimney .... please feel welcome to call us for advice.

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