Case Study

Slate Roof Refurbishment

This large detached Victorian property had been purchased by its owner with a complete refurbishment in mind. 

The roof was in a state on degradation with numerous broken, slipped and missing slates and rafters exposed to the elements in various places. The existing wood fascia and barge boards were decayed and the old cast iron rain water goods were broken and defective.

With budgetry constraints considered, the Owner decided to opt for a Composite slate to recover the roof as an alternative to more expensive natural slates.

With a tectured surface and riven edge, Rivendale slates proved an excellent choice as means to acheive the desired appearance of natural slate with the added benefits of a notable cost saving and comparable life span. 

The ridge finish was a combination of both new clay tiles for the hips, and the existing decorative ridge tiles as the owner wanted to retain some original property features. 



Before Before
Existing slate roof Existing slate roof
Before Before
Felt & Batten Felt & Batten
Slating complete. Ridge and hip tiles need to be fixed Slating complete. Ridge and hip tiles need to be fixed
Finished product Finished product
Composite slate finish Composite slate finish
Completed Roof Completed Roof
Vanguard Slate Roofing Vanguard Slate Roofing
Hipped roof Hipped roof