Roof Windows

Need a roof window fitted ? Our tradesmen are competent with installation of all kinds of roof window units and products.

Roof windows come in a variety of sizes and it is important to ensure that what you choose in this respect is practical to install at your property. Sometimes roof windows can be fitted with little or no alteration needed to the existing roof structure. However, on occasion it may be necessary to re-configure some of the roof timbers in order to accommodate a roof window unit. 

Nonetheless, in most instances roof window installation is a fairly straight forward job if completed by a competent roofer ...... any punctuations in a roof covering such as a roof window, need to be installed and sealed with expert effeciency as failure to do so will only bode for future problems.

There are a number of roof window manufacturers to choose from ...... Velux and Fakro are examples of some of the more established brands. It certainly is well worth shopping around for a good deal as suppliers do vary in terms of price.

Roof Window Installation







Here is an example of a Vanguard Roofing recent project. There were a number of roof windows installed at this property, primarily as a means to maximise natural light. 






Roof Repairs

We are experienced in dealing with all kinds of roof related repairs for private residential and commercial buildings.

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