Lead Work

Lead-work is used as a means to complete and help maximise the efficiency of a roof's water sheddings qualities. It invariably can be found in a number of locations on a roof's profile and it's main function is to channel and deflect rainwater. For roof detail we use a good quality lead, code 4 or 5, dependant upon the application.

Lead is used to make flashings, soakers and trays, for example, around chimneys and dormers; for sadles near ridge detail or for valley construction at a roof intersection where one pitch joins another.

Although lead has properties that make it conducive for roof work, it does have a limit to it's useful life-cycle. With the stesses and strains roofs have to endure, lead-work can split, crack or in some instances come away altogether.

It takes a particular skill to be able to fashion, shape and install lead so that not only is it efficient and functional in it's primary purpose, but as to ensure that it adds to the property in an aesphetic sense also.

Our tradesmen at Vanguard Roofing understand that attention to detail is of paramount importance and no more so than when installing lead-work in a roof application


Lead Valleys, Flashings and Soakers 

Roof Repairs

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